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The view from Hojos' Porch

Countdown to summer camp!

Friends, this is really happening—after three years of passionate belief, dedication and hard work, we are getting ready to welcome campers to Camp Little Notch in exactly 155 days! Something that has seemed like a far-off dream is becoming very real. To be sure, the number of things on my to-do list gets more real every day!   

With that in mind, we thought you might like a glimpse of a couple of very concrete things that are happening right now in the very real world of opening a summer camp. Just yesterday we took delivery of 2500 of our gorgeous camp brochures. If you’re on the mailing list, you can expect one to show up in your mailbox very soon. If you know someone who might like one, let us know – you can use the handy brochure request form on the Friends of Camp Little Notch website. When I think back on all of the meetings, workshops, conference calls and Google docs that led up to this moment, I gotta say—it’s pretty wonderful. I hope that when you get your copy, you’ll be able to see a little bit of yourself, and a whole lot of the Little Notch you love, in its pages. I’m so excited to be able to tuck a handful of these beauties into my bag so that any time the subject comes up I can say, “Here – take a look at this incredible thing we’re doing! And tell every girl you know and everyone you know who knows a girl that we’re doing this!”

Another very real thing that’s happening right now is that our very own Kitty Cole, webmaster par excellence, is hard at work on our new Camp Little Notch website. A separate site from the Friends of CLN main site, the new site will be all about our girls’ summer program. It’s a work in progress—in fact right now it’s only one page—but there will soon be loads of helpful information for prospective campers, parents and staff! You can check it out at, and watch it grow along with us.

And speaking of staff, and things that are becoming very real, the first things that will appear on the new website, (after the very fun and inviting home page and our nifty flip-book brochure) will be a whole section devoted to  staff and what to do if you think you’d like to work at camp this summer. To all of you who’ve been asking about the staff application process, this is for you—and we’re ready for you!

As you know, we are doing all of this in the midst of our Phase 2, “For the Love of Little Notch” fundraising drive. As I look at the long list of staff to hire, supplies to purchase, menus to plan, boats and tents and fairy wings to acquire, I think I can safely speak for all of us when I say that none of this—not one Hershey-covered marshmallow or tippy test or friendship bracelet (let alone the life-changing experiences that campers gain from going to camp) would be possible without the love and commitment from every single CLN supporter. Thank you for once again helping to make that possible.

It’s not every day that you get to be a part of building something this wonderful, this special, and this worthy, and I really do wake up every day saying "Really? I get to go back to camp? Really?? Yippee!!!" Being a part of the rebirth of CLN is definitely a "pinch me so I know I'm not dreaming" sort of adventure. Getting to spend another summer there, and being a part of the magic-making—that is truly the all-organic icing on the gluten-free cake!

Counting down...


Julie Schwartz

CLN Director


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    Friends of Camp Little Notch - Friends of CLN Blog - The view from Hojos' Porch
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    Friends of Camp Little Notch - Friends of CLN Blog - The view from Hojos' Porch
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    Friends of Camp Little Notch - Friends of CLN Blog - The view from Hojos' Porch

Reader Comments (1)

The Purchase of Supplies: The tale of outfitting our waterfront.....

Once upon time, two young women took a tour around their beloved Camp Little Notch. The two were accompanied by a third girl. This third girl had never been to CLN and she made it very clear that she was only comfortable in "the city". The city girl was content to explain her difficulty with all things camp....but her eyes were opened. She saw what the beaver habitat was like and was absorbed by untouched wilderness, like so many of us have been. She was so happy, she danced and sang about the beautiful creations all around.

The taller of the other two girls was filled with mixed feelings. She saw things that she recognized, but many things were different. The tall girl was also content to explain her difficulty with all things different about camp. The trio made it out to Tall Timbers, and of course headed safely onto the dock. All were quiet.

All were quiet as they listened to the wild world around them. They listened in harmony with nature, gazing at the abundance of life. In harmony with others, the last girl said to the tall girl and the city girl, "Look at all that is left here...We have returned here once again". She was the one with the vision and bravery to move forward.

The three young individuals sat in harmony with themselves, until a splash behind them jolted them back to conversation. The tall girl tried to convince the city girl that they must have just missed the beaver (even though she knew it highly unlikely for the crepuscular beast to be around now). The girls laughed and took the trail through Tinuwen back to main camp, talking about love and resiliency.

The city girl was no longer frightened of the woods. The tall girl was no longer frightened of the task at hand. It was as evident as ever to all three that the power of the land would forever speak for itself.

Days, weeks, months, passed by when the tall girl received a call from the land. She requested the following new equipment to make sure her shores are safe and ready for a summer of fun:

Rescue Tube ($50) x 8
Throw Bag ($25) x 4
Ring Buoy ($60) x 4 and hook ($15) x4 and throw lines ($10) x4
Aquatic Rope ($.55/ft) x 150ft with floats ($5) x50
PFDs ("lifejackets") Type II ($15) x 15 and Type III ($30) x 25
Backboard ($500) and color coded straps ($30)
Paddleboard $400
Whistles ($5) x10, lanyards ($1) x 10
Kickboard ($10) x 20
Goggles ($10) x 50
Rings/Dive Sticks ($10) x 5

The tall girl dutifully took the message from the land and shared to all who would listen with hope and confidence that For the Love of Little Notch, the friends will generously give with purpose of supporting summer 2012.

*figures from Kiefer catalog

February 2, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLindsay

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