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Friends of Camp Little Notch
Mission and Vision

Our Mission:

Providing opportunities for all people to practice living in harmony with nature, each other, and themselves.

Our Vision:

Little Notch is a restorative environment in which all individuals, families, and communities are welcome to practice living in harmony with nature, each other, and themselves. In the pristine beauty of the Adirondacks, members of the Little Notch family become the change they want to see in the world by cultivating their resourcefulness, wellness, creativity, and responsibility. Little Notch is available for outdoor programming and retreats for youth groups, community-based organizations, non-profits, businesses, artists of all kinds, and innovators seeking space to dream big.

People return from Little Notch with the renewed inspiration and ability to transform their own communities by honoring their interdependence on the earth, each other, and themselves.

About Friends of CLN

Friends of CLN is an active membership-based organization that is constantly growing. The Board of Directors and staff are comprised of individuals who have expertise and experience in organizational development, strategic planning, marketing, fundraising, youth program design, education, counseling, landscape architecture, public policy, and legislative advocacy. Our network of Little Notch alumnae and supporters from across the country and around the world has provided financial backing, community connections, and limitless inspiration. Friends of CLN is incorporated in New York State and is federally recognized as a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization.

The ongoing success of Friends of CLN has appeared in several local and regional news outlets, including the Albany Times Union, the Glens Falls Post Star, the Troy Record, the Schenectady Gazette, the Glens Falls Chronicle, and WAMC’s The Roundtable (radio broadcast). The organization has a strong social footprint on Facebook ( and Twitter (@friendsofcln) and, of course this website plus the camp website ( We also provide regular updates about the organization via our online mailing list.

Summer Programming—Camp Little Notch

Friends of CLN believes that it is essential to the health of our communities to provide outdoor spaces and programs designed specifically for girls and women. Camp Little Notch’s past successes have been in helping girls find their strengths and unique voices and supporting young women through the challenging transition to adulthood. Camp Little Notch achieved this success through connecting young women with each other, positive mentors, and the land. Friends of CLN is continuing Little Notch’s successful tradition, building a bright future from its rich past.

Opportunities at Little Notch

While many camps and afterschool programs across the United States offer intensive programs with organized sports and activities, Little Notch offers children, families, communities, and other groups the freedom to create a self-determined experience within a familiar and comfortable routine. Groups may develop their own programming and retreats that meet personal and organizational needs. This type of freedom encourages creativity, builds decision-making skills, and helps people take responsibility for their development. All programming at Little Notch falls under the three categories encompassed in our mission.

Harmony with Nature—Environmental Stewardship
Children are plugged into some kind of electronic medium an average of 5.5 hours a day[1] and similarly many adults spend countless hours on cell phones and the Internet. People who come to Little Notch can challenge the necessity of technological comforts by truly unplugging while they enjoy a breathtaking and protected place.

Operations at Little Notch facilitate an ongoing appreciation and interest in land conservation and promote consciousness about the Earth and our role as stewards. Little Notch campers and visitors practice sustainable, low-impact living and bring these practices back to their everyday lives. Friends of CLN also honor the rich archeological history of the property and host treks to the historic Mount Hope Iron Furnace.

Harmony with Each Other—Community Building and Social Consciousness
Friends of CLN recognizes that our perceived differences create social barriers that can prevent us from truly seeing, learning from, and valuing each other. Little Notch provides a dynamic environment to bring people together through shared physical and creative activities—a practice that has historically been a key to breaking down barriers and creating a society where people recognize each other’s humanity and value. Friends of CLN creates an environment that celebrates diversity, encourages community building, teaches conflict resolution and communication skills, facilitates sharing of traditions between people, and confronts all forms of discrimination, prejudice, and exclusion in our interactions, operations, and activities.

Harmony with Self—Growth, Wellness, and Exploration
Little Notch is a place where the development of strong bodies, vibrant minds, and indomitable spirits are fostered. Outdoor activity can promote healthy living, reduce stress and depression, and increase strength, skills, and confidence. Friends of CLN provides a supportive and positive environment with strong and dynamic role models where visitors have opportunities to challenge themselves and build confidence in their strengths through a variety of outdoor and adventure activities.

How can you join the future of Little Notch?

Friends of CLN welcomes supporters who can share in our vision by making financial contributions for the purchase and operation of Little Notch. Donations of all sizes are accepted and pledges may be arranged. All contributions are tax-deductible.


[1] The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation—Health Policy, Media Resources, Public Health Education & South Africa—Kaiser Family Foundation. Available at Accessed: November 1, 2010.